Giant on Weiss Lake


I’ve always said every time you go on the water you never know what might happen. Just ask Professional Angler and Guide Lee Pitts. “I’ve been guiding on Weiss Lake for over 15 years and to catch a 31 pound Stripe on a crappie rig with 6 lb. test has been one of the most interesting days I have encountered.” Lee was guiding some clients on a normal March day, they had been catching some really good size crappie that morning but as the day went on the bite turned off. “The crappie had been biting early this week and the bite turning off mid-morning didn’t surprise me because I knew they would start biting again early afternoon, and that’s when we hooked into this monster Stripe,” stated Lee. Lee originally set the hook on the fish and with his years on the water he knew he had something big. “I grabbed the rod and knew the way that fish was pulling it was probably a good size Stripe. After the fish got tangled up in some brush piles and the other rods we had out I turned the fight over to one of my clients, I got everything undone and the fish out of the brush, and it immediately headed for deeper water. I turned my trolling motor on high and started chasing that fish,” Lee said. Finally after wearing that fish out they finally saw and realized what they had. Lee continues, “It was one of the most exciting guided trips I’ve had especially after seeing the faces of my clients when we got that Stripe in the boat, and what a testament to the Gamma Hi Vis fishing line I use. We fought that fish with 6 lb. crappie line, now that is why I use Gamma.” Bobby Garlands Baby Slab Slay’R skirt with a 1/16th oz. Mo-Gl0 head was the bait on the end of that Gamma line that held on during the fight.

After the dust settles on this catch I think it will be safe to say that Weiss Lake in Northeast Alabama is becoming one of the premiere fishing destinations in the state. Already known for big Crappie, Weiss Lake is getting an awesome reputation for big Largemouth, Spotted, and Stripe Bass. If you would like an opportunity to catch some big fish you should give Lee Pitts a call to book a fishing trip. No matter the choice of fish, Lee can take you on the fishing trip of a lifetime. Will everyone catch a 31 lb. Stripe? Not likely, but you will catch some fish and have a great time with Lee, and when you have a line in the water you never know what might happen. Go to Lee’s web site at or give him a call at 256-390-4145.

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