Cold weather not an issue for Crappie success.

Weiss Lake - Alabama

Lee Pitts - Weiss Lake Guide

February 16, 2015

This week Weiss Lake Guide Lee Pitts says the weather on the lake is cold, very cold for Alabama, but the crappie are still biting. The water is stained and maintaining temperatures of 43 to 45 degrees. Crappie are staging in 14 to 18 feet of water while maintaining their normal migratory patterns as they follow schools of bait fish around the mouths of creeks and around humps and ditches, but keep in mind that if the bait fish head to shallower and warmer water (towards spring fed creeks and warmer tributaries) the crappie will follow, even in extreme cold conditions. Lee has his clients using long line trolling methods which has produced some large stringers. To obtain the optimum depth he maintains a speed of .07 to .09 on his trolling motor.

Weiss Lake Guide Lee Pitts key baits this week include the Bobby Garland Baby Shad and Slab Slay'R in bubble gum chartreuse, blue grass, and blue ice. He rigs these on a Bobby Garland M0-Glo head in either orange or pink. He uses 6 lb. Gamma Line in Hi-Vis to minimize his line presence in the water. Bundle up and don’t let the cold weather keep you from catching some serious slabs. Crappie time is here!!


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