Weiss Lake Crappie Report for week of March 30 - April 5.


This week’s Weiss Lake report comes waiting on a storm front to move into the Weiss Lake area on Tuesday afternoon, so we are really catching them before it hits. Thank goodness the cold front from this past weekend is heading out of the area as it made for a few challenging mornings. Luckily, the cold weekend affected the Crappie very little. Crappie are still in the main river and the big creeks, although they have pulled out a little deeper we are still having a lot of success catching those big ole slabs. As of Tuesday the surface water temperature is hanging in there at 62 degrees, which is surprising based on the cold mornings.

Now down to business, what we’ve had success doing this week is long line trolling fishing doubles on 1/24th ounce Bobby Garland Mo-Gl0 head in either orange or pink with a split shot. Colors we’ve used on the skirt depend on cloud cover. When it’s cloudy we have used either the Bobby Garland Slab Slay’R in Blue and Chartreuse or Blue and Pear, and when the sun comes out we changed up to Blue Ice and Monkey Milk. (Yes Monkey Milk, try them they really work!) I have been maintaining a speed on my trolling motor to keep our baits in 18 to 20 feet of water. Find those humps and ditches in the big creeks and keep an eye on your electronics and find the bait fish. The crappie are still feeding up and waiting to get into the back of those creeks to spawn, so keep moving and look for bait and you will find the Crappie.

Don’t forget that I’m booking Bass and Stripe trips for later this spring and into the summer and fall so give me a call at 256-390-4145 to reserve your trips, or check out my web site at www.weisslakecrappieguidealabama.com. As always, be safe and I’ll see you on the water.


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