It's Picking Up!

It has been so beautiful here on Weiss Lake this week I have not had a chance to finish this week’s fishing report until today, sorry about that. My clients have had some awesome success this past weekend and early this week and the fishing is really picking up. Water temperature is really heating up, it has been anywhere from 57 to 59 degrees in the upper water table. With the rising temperature the crappie will be heading to spawn, but here on Weiss Lake the majority of the crappie are still in the main river channel but this time of year you when they are not biting in the main river start making your way to spawning areas and fish those staging areas between the main river and the backs of those creeks.

This week I have my client’s long line trolling for crappie in 16 to 20 feet of water early, and when the sun gets up and warms the water a little I bump up the speed on the trolling motor and we catch them in 10 to 12 feet. We are trolling doubles on 1/16th Bobby Garland M0-Glo head, the crappie are still liking the orange and pink colors so we are sticking with those two colors right now. On the end of our line we are tying on the Bobby Garland Baby Shad Swim’R in black and chartreuse and blue and chartreuse. Later in the day as it gets warmer we have had success using the Blue Ice color.

Well that’s it for this week good luck to everyone and would love to have each of you come down to beautiful Weiss Lake in Alabama and fish with me. Contact me at As always be safe out there and I’ll see you on the water!


Happy Clients!


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